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What material do you use for the copies? 

We actually love to work with HQ resin casting from recognized artisans from all over the world, such as Ciprian Negut or Orzol Studio. You will be immediately amazed by the quality of the final products! 

I have always worked with plastic kits or metal kits. What should I do with resin kits?

Our kits must pass an inspection from us and we try our best to give you....the best! 
But we always suggest to follow those steps:
1) Clean all the parts with some water and soaps, this will clean them from eventually some grease.

2) With some sand paper clean all the mold lines. 

3) Using a small hand drill, some pins and some cyanoacrylate glue, you will be able to assemble your Abyssoul ™ miniature!

4) Have fun! 

What services do you use for shipping?

We ship in Europe with UPS tracked services. 

For overseas orders, you can choose between a cheaper option with Postapriority International or UPS Courier.

Postapriority International allows us only to know when a pack arrives.
But don't worry! 
Our crew is at your disposal for everything, you will never be disappointed by our customer services.  


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