your own Adventure

Welcome to Abyssoul, fellow wanderer.

Abyssoul is a Dark Fantasy project, that aims to be a boardgame and an RPG only for you. 
Settled in Eurisia, the economic center of the whole world, every adventurer needs to fight for his life. After the birth of the Ancient One, every Titan became weaker, and the world collapse in the chaos. 
Or it started to taste the real freedom, after years and years of prison under the domain of the Titans. 
It depends about you, you have the choiche. 


This map was drawed by the "Magister Cartographer" Fabio Porfidia. Who knows what it will be used for...

We are really proud of our small, but passionate, community. This is a work of love and here is the perfect place to show the best works from artists from all over the world. Spent some minutes to give them a look, they are more precious then a coffer full of gold!


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Abyssoul, founded by Fausto Palumbo with love for miniatures, boardgame and roleplay. All rights reserved.