So, time for a shop update!

We are extremely happy with how this crazy project is going.

Tales From the Abyss ( provisory title ) will be our most ambitious, crazy, rich, fresh, original, amazing project ever.

More details will come in the next months, subscribe our newsletter to don't loose a single one! Today, we are giving your our way to say thanks to you. The STL file of Faenir, 32 mm version, will be free for e limited amount of time. Once purchased it will be your, forever!

You can do whatever you want:

- print it in lifesize, optimal to do your own scary version of "Home Alone"

- print it small like an ant, optimal instead to do your version of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"

- print in your favourite wargame scale and being able to use an amazing miniature on your warband!

Let's take a look at him, with some new glorious renders!

Do you like him?

We are in LOVE!

Also, one last thing:

Do you like STL files?

You love print miniatures whenever you want, in the way you want, as you want?

Stay tuned.

You will absolutely not regret this.

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And we are back.

All the orders done while we were in holidays will be shipped today! We are always happy for your support. It is essential for us, as we could not make such crazy projects without you.

So, some updates about the project:

- We would like to find more shops and resellers. And who can knows them more then our lovely community? Be our lookout, and if your local shop will chose to be part of the Abyssoul project, you will have a precious reward! Quite interesting, isn't it? Feel free to drop a message to know more.

- We are working on a small redesign of the packaging. Just some small adjustments to let them work better for the resellers and make it look even more FABOLOUS, but if you have some feedbacks about them, feel free to drop a message.

- The September release is delayed to October, due to the needs of a Boxart. Maybe I will think to release it with some renders or some pictures of the unpainted miniatures as a limited time preorder, we will see and also here, it would be great to hear your feedbacks.

So, thanks for reading.

Ps: Works for our first Kickstarter are officialy STARTED!

Pps: have you taked a look at our last review?

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Abyssoul store will be closed until 1st of September!

Every order done meanwhile will be dispatched immediately after the reopening.

We are really thankful for your support.

This crazy project would not be possible without your help, thanks to be part of this journey.

Yep, little teaser time :)

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