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Hello everyone!

Are you asking for updates about miniatures for wargames, roleplay or your collection? Here you are!

After several requests we decided to meet your needs!

We have just digitally released the Rmhoalas collection!

What's will you find in the webstore?

- Rmhoalas, the First lich ( full version )

- Rmhoalas, the First lich ( bust version )

- Kit Moray eels (requested by many and finally available)

Why this choice? Many of you have requested it, and I think it is right to listen to your supporters (you!) who make it possible to create the most fantastic kits you could ever wish for!

Are there any risks?

Clearly, I know very well that files can be pirated and disseminated for free, as well as there are people who buy pirated copies of our products unfortunately.

So why do you do it?

Because I believe first of all in this community, I also want to offer the most total free choice to people. The cost of a kit printed at home in digital is certainly lower than the purchase of a professional resin copy, as well as the final quality is different!

That's all for now, stay tuned for the next news!

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