And the winner of the Treasure Chest is.....

@coderevenge ! Alessandro Gobbi did an incredible work on his version of Akk, The Helmsman of the Children of the Sea.

I was undecided between his work and Will Hahn's version of Faenir. Both are INCREDIBLE paintjobs, with amazing freehands and amazing atmosphere. What makes me decide the winner is the originality of Alessandro's work. He created an hybrid of Akk and Poseidon (or maybe the Ancient One!) and also recreated the logo. This is for me the perfect representation of Abyssoul v1.0. Take some minutes and look at the insane amount of details! And I love it! Truly incredible, I am sure we will see more amazing works from his brushes in the future! Thanks to everyone, this was probably one of the hardest choiche I ever take :D Alessandro win a full year of release from Abyssoul, YEAH! See you in the next year, and thanks to everyone. Nothing of this would be possible without you, thanks from my heart.

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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

And finally, we are so happy to present you our first official online contest! 

There will not be gold coins for the winner, but a full year of free miniature release from our range. Quite exciting, no? 

So, don't waste any single drop of painting and join our colorful battle!

We will talk more about this contest in the next days, but meanwhile...stay safe and enjoy at the best this difficult moment.

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