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About Emily, Unicef and a glimpse of the immediate future.

Good morning everyone (or good evening, depending on where you are while you are reading! ^^)

How are you?

I hope well, in this period I am a little taken by the work in the pastry shop and by finishing some commissions.

I take advantage of the blog to update you a little on various aspects of the project:

  • You probably already know, but there is a new model in our store: it's Emily Feilya! A magnificent kit (I'm not biased, I swear!) In 75mm scale. An elven thief who is not afraid to wander the darkest streets of Scylla, even in the darkest hours. I hope you like it, soon I should also finally start boxart. What do you think?

Plus the box is beautiful, I'm particularly proud of it!

it is full of small details that embellish it and make it unique, from gold details to lamination to protect it.

What's more, what's better than a nice concept printed in large format?

I wanted a quality product, starting from the smallest details up to the largest ones.

Hope you like it!

Would you like to have some insights on the various steps in the future?

Let me know, it would be something I would do with great pleasure

  • Sorry if I delayed a bit (Abyssoul is a one man band at the end, since I started I learned a lot of things but ... slowly. A bit like the preparation of panettone. doing things, but the quality in the end I hope you see ^^) but finally I managed to complete the donation for Unicef ​​for Ukrainian children. Each profit for the month of April went as promised, adding a part personally. I sincerely thank all those who contributed, THANK YOU!

  • World Expo and MSS: officially I will be there with a stand, together with many other colleagues! Soon I will give other details, but for now I can not anticipate that ... yes, there will be some exclusive news!

That's all for now,

I love you all


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