Gwidrou, an insight into the character design.

It's been a while since the last post...and it is really a pity.

Time flies, especially in those hard months were our lives became really different due to the so well knowed Covid19.

I hope you all are fine and safe, but also that you all had some great time painting, collecting and playing with our loved miniatures! By the way, it is time to come back and rock'n'roll again: In the past months I started working on a big project, and I personally can't wait to show you something more about it. At the beginning it was really a simple idea, but things is getting bigger and bigger each month. Finally it is time to start sharing some pictures of one of the next release that will come in June.

The beatiful 75mm full version of Gwidrou Laragua, Inquisitor of the Ordo Nodens.

Concept art is from Mirko "Docfile" Failoni as always, with an astonishing quality.

You can check his works here:

(I am in love!)

I can't hide that with the starting idea i was really inspired by the masterwork of Berserk, from Kentaro Miura. Sadly he passed away on the 6th May 2021 as many of you know.

His work will never be forgotten, and if you have never read it, you should immediately start

(credits: Hakusensha)

The armor design is based on (Mirko is an absolute lover of historical weapons and armory, I am learning a lot thanks to him!) . So, why don't share some examples of it?

Also, they are a bonus reference for some NMM ^^

By the way, actually for me it could be also interesting to share some wip picture of the character design wonderfully done by Mirko.

The character is a delicate mix between an inquisitor and a bishop, leader of a city that lives in a self-propelled castle, able to move thanks to the magic of the Abyssal God.

The book is held like a relic while he is solemnly walking throught a cathedral. The shield on his back is used as a cerimonial censer, while inside it there is some dried algae burning.

An ancient prophecy of this people, which is said to have been dictated by a mad priest during the liberation of the Ancient. "Only when they are led by a Son of the Abyss will the people be worthy to try to descend and enter the ranks of the Deep. They will have to exterminate anyone who does not follow His will, sacrificing every drop of their being in the face of every obstacle. "

Damn, I really love the creating process of a new miniature!

And that's all for now!

This new resin kit will be available in June 2021 for preorder, expect more news soon.


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