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Shop Update!

So, time for a shop update!

We are extremely happy with how this crazy project is going.

Tales From the Abyss ( provisory title ) will be our most ambitious, crazy, rich, fresh, original, amazing project ever.

More details will come in the next months, subscribe our newsletter to don't loose a single one! Today, we are giving your our way to say thanks to you. The STL file of Faenir, 32 mm version, will be free for e limited amount of time. Once purchased it will be your, forever!

You can do whatever you want:

- print it in lifesize, optimal to do your own scary version of "Home Alone"

- print it small like an ant, optimal instead to do your version of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"

- print in your favourite wargame scale and being able to use an amazing miniature on your warband!

Let's take a look at him, with some new glorious renders!

Do you like him?

We are in LOVE!

Also, one last thing:

Do you like STL files?

You love print miniatures whenever you want, in the way you want, as you want?

Stay tuned.

You will absolutely not regret this.

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