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We Are Back

We Are Back, with a new website!

Finally, finally! I missed you so much and couldn't wait to get back to writing to you.

You may have noticed that in this period there was a total radio silence on my part (except for some stories on instagram).

In the spring I reached a burnout that literally emptied me and I needed to unplug a little.

Jobs, commissions, shippings ... i missed my private life a lot.

The WME was a nice refreshment of energy, appreciation and funds (thanks) to continue and push the project.

I have chosen to completely disconnect from social media, which are as useful for communicating with you as they can be destructive to those who write on the other side of the screen.

Anxiety, a sense of continuous dissatisfaction and the desire to do more and more can be useful tools, of course ... but also double-edged blades.

BUT now I'm back, heavier than ever and determined to push Abyssoul with every fiber of my body.

You will see a lot of news in the coming months:

- New miniatures, with our quality that has always distinguished us. Here goes a special thanks to my partners Madness Casting Studio

- Beautiful boxarts, made by the best painters that the miniature landscape has to offer. And me: v

- FINALLY I will be able to feed you the best kickstarter you have ever seen, and not one but THREE

- Video tutorial and a great improvement in the quality of visual content, thanks to a nice BIG upgrade, I'll tell you about it in a special video

- A relaunch of the Discord server!

- The best Dark Fantasy miniatures for your collection, tabletop games or roleplay game session.

- Much love for the support, but this is nothing new.

Let's start with the first surprise?

A completely new site, redone from top to bottom.

Lighter, more intuitive, faster.

There are offers, categories, backgrounds and much more.

I hope you like it, I really put a lot of effort into it and I can't help but thank all the collaborators who contributed.

Let me know your feedback :)

That said, it's showtime!

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