Concept art: Young June Choi

Sculptwork: Valerio Carbone

3d printing: Abyssoul

Boxart: Fausto Palumbo

Scale: 90mm

Code: Fh1


We are so happy and proud to collaborate with Valerio  Carbone. 

This is the first miniature of a separated line, called "Signature Series".

What does that means?

"Freedom, Fallen Hero" is not part of the original background of Abyssoul. 

Is a pure act of love and passion for sculpting from his creatore, and we decided to help Valerio and give the chanche to every miniature painter of this amazing community to paint this wonderful sculpt. 


"This is a special sculpture for me. 

I always wanted to sculpt something different from the classic winning heroes.

A fallen hero, after fighting to the best of his ability, has more value than someone who never fights."

Valerio Korax Carbone


And we are happy to collaborate with you Valerio!


The miniature is supplied unassembled and unpainted, and needs some preparation before painting.

This is not a toy.

Wood plinth not included.

Includes a weapon variant and a small scenic element.


Usually shipped in 3-5 working days.

Freedom, Fallen Hero

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