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This fantasy resin miniature is supplied unassembled and unpainted, and needs some preparation before painting: you will need brushes, acrylic paints, cyanoacrylate glue and some other hobby supply. This is not a toy, it's a miniature figurine. Handle with care or he will try to paint your miniatures!You can paint it for your resin miniature collection, your tabletop wargames or your favourite roleplay game!



"The Ordo Nodens initially was called Goa and it was one of the 7 major provinces of Armençe.

Since forever it was a poor region, mistreated and exploited from the rest of the realm.
With the coming of the Ancient One they found the strength to rebel and gain independence, dedicating every second of their life to the new divinity since then.

To trigger the wave of rebellion was an old man who arrived on an unspecified day.

He started to preach the word of the Abyssal, talking about freedom, vengeance and glory for the braves.

He had with him a book.

A book full of writings and illustrations that could have been easily made by a madman, but there were such resentment that it was easy to have the desired effect.
He proclaimed himself First Inquisitor of the Seas, his name was Jean Alhazared.

Goa was declared dead and it took the name of Ordo Nodens.
Various generations of Inquisitors succeeded over the years, trying to glorify the Ancient One in the best way possible.

They wiped out heretics, burned cities to the ground, started wars, conquered seas, made sacrifices.
More the Ancient One was satisfied, more the Ordo Nodens gained power.
New pages started to show in the book, with spells that could conjure servants more and more

The citadel changed, transforming in a horrendous hybrid between a monstrous
creature and a self-propelled fortress, able to follow the will of the person possessing the
sacred volume.

No words could ever describe this horror to a clear mind, without the risk of
changing forever the soul of whoever doesn’t follow the will of the Abyss.
Today the Inquisitor of the Seas is Gwidrou Jaragua.

Oh....fellow reader, do you want to know his story?....You need to wait a little bit..."

Gwidrou Laragua, Inquisitor of the Ordo Nodens

Sales Tax Included
  • Concept Art: Mirko Failoni
    Sculptor: Valerio Carbone
    Boxart: Arnau Lazaro Azcarate
    Scale: 1:10
    Code: Aby08

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