Zensh-Iku, bust version. Digital Edition

"Oh, do you wanna know more about that strange crew? Maybe some coins could refresh my memory....Uhm, I still don't remember quite well. Ah, now I remember perfectly"

The homeless guy immediately hides the coins in his dress, a strange mix of rugs of different colors and shape. Some people in the city think that he is a bit crazy, but he could easily hear many things without being noticed.

"Yes yes, so...they are the Children of The Sea, and Zensh-Iku is their proud captain. She was a sex slave from the eastern nations. It's not clear how that terrible moment started for her, but is well knowed that she escaped from one of his tormentors, paying her escape by loosing one arm. She spent days semi-unconscius in the sea, praying with every piece of her soul to stay alive at any cost. The Ancient accepted her request and decided to help her, but in exchange she declared total loyalty to him."

He scratches his dirty beard, takes out some dead insect and eats it. Then turns his eyes up on you.

"Oh, do you want to know the technology of that prosthetic arm? That's an hybrid beetwen the technology used in the East and the magic from the Ancient. The gem that you can see in her arm is a gift from Him, and would be better for you to don't put your eyes on it. Each member of that crew is famous. They are really low in number compared to a common crew, but each one of them has got gifts from the Deep."He starts to smile at you in a completely unnatural look, showing some gold teeths and many missed one. "


"It will cost you a lot, eheheh..."

Zensh-Iku, bust version. Digital Edition