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"A stranger enters the tavern, orders a beer and begins to tell you a story...."

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This Tavern can offer you some of the most beautiful dreams, but also the worst nightmares you can ever imagine.
It all depends on you and your choice.
This is only the beginning...

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A bit of Story

After several years wandering in this nerdy world (modelism, boardgames and roleplay games), I decided to cross the bridge and give a different and original vision to what I love.
The first years of this complex project were dedicated to study and develop a rich know-how and structuring the different steps of the productive process... and now we are finally ready to leave a mark in this world!
We want to bring you the best possible products, and the only way to do so is to work on freshly-new and original concepts made by the best character designers, and brought to life by the best sculptors.

​Fausto "Greengobbo" Palumbo                      


We try to do our best in every single detail. This great packaging  is 100% done with recycled paper.


What are the key points of the project?

  • A setting based on an original Background.

  • An aesthetic inspired by the most important dark fantasy works ever, at the same time following important Renaissance historical information.

  • A product made with love for every detail, like an Italian grandmother preparing food for her grandson.

  • The collaboration of the most important professional figures in this industry. Each captain needs to work with the best possible team.

  • Break the Internet as much as possible.

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