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Tales of Eurisia: Baba Yaga

Ahoy, Master Miniaturist!

I trust this post finds you surrounded by vibrant paints and brimming with creative zeal! Ready to embark on a brushstroke-fueled voyage with us?

The recent hush has been the calm before the storm as we've toiled tirelessly to birth a creation that merges my twin passions: miniatures and role-playing games!

Our first Kickstarter will set sail in just a few weeks, and we need the wind in our sails—your support! Your brush, creativity, and passion are the compass guiding this venture.

Crafted with Passion, Unveiled with Pride

We've poured hours of devotion into shaping something uniquely spectacular. Now, the curtain lifts, and we're eager to reveal our vision to the world. Your participation isn't just a support beam; it's an invitation to be among the trailblazers of this innovative masterpiece.

Your unwavering enthusiasm and support are the pigments that bring this canvas to life. We can't wait to share every stroke, every hue, and every twist in this thrilling Kickstarter saga with you!

Ready to Set Sail? Check the Link and Let's Begin This Miniature Odyssey!

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