Akk, Helmsman of the Children of the Sea

"Akk has never endured the power of the Colossus.
Since his childhood he has always been on a ship, thinking that the Ancient could be the key for his freedom. 
What could be a greater power for a man than free will?
The chance of reaching everything with fatigue and sweat was unmatched for him, unlike whom prefer to spend years praying a giant pile of rocks waiting for a stupid sign from Thalassa. 
Akk is not someone you would have problems with, trust me. He is not the usual sailor, there is a story about how he was born during a shipwreck. Don't mess with him, I'm serious : he is the helmsman of the Children of the Sea.

In the last Call he was able to see Ashram too, and when he wake up he took off both his eyes... He did not want to see anything else, because nothing could ever be comparable to the magnificence he just saw. 

But the Nameless is a generous god, and he knows how to reward who believes in him. 
The blood ran only for a few seconds, and his eyes melted on the quay forming a pool of salt water.
A three-headed driku emerged from it, and began to climb Akk up to lean on his shoulders. He whispered something in an incomprehensible language in his ear, and two bells appeared by magic in the hands
of the monster.
Two bells that emitted a distorted, frightening and unsympathetic sound. They would have troubled almost anyone.
Not Akk.
Because for him they were his new eyes, donated by the Abyssal God.
Don't mess with him."

Akk, Helmsman of the Children of the Sea


Limited edition.
Concept art: Rapaz_Art
Sculptwork: Raul Garcia Latorre
Boxart: Fausto Palumbo
Number of pieces: 16
Height to the eye: 55mm
Code: Aby02
The miniature is supplied unassembled and unpainted, and needs some preparation before painting.
This is not a toy.
Wood plinth not included.
Limited edition of 151 copies in total.