Faenir, Gunner of the Kraken



Faenir was the captain of one of Kurma's many merchant ships, destined to Thalassa for trade some precious gems in exchange for stuff necessary for the survival of his clan.
Finding a lot of storms along the usual route,he decided to follow a new one in order to get there first and make better exchanges.
During the journey he came across a Kutqik, a multiform giant (vulgarly could be called a strange octopus, able to change its appearance and its size thanks to the mana of the Abyssal God)
under the guise of a kraken.

It immediately attacked the ship, feeling threatened.
The battle was fierce, with the dwarves ready to defend themselves at the cost of their lives.
When the kraken swallowed half the ship, including the precious cargo, the dwarves fought like never before. 
They managed to escape the Kutqik thanks to Faenir, who was able to seriously wound it with a cannon shot. Unfortunately their cargo was lost.

The few survivors returned to Kurma, thanks to some spears that remained intact during the assault.

Faenir was immediately questioned by the clan chief and then sent to sentence by the royal family, as all this had happened because of his imprudence.
All his old crew hated him and repudiated him, blaming him for all that was lost.
He was then exiled, stripped of the rank of commander and forced to leave everything, including his family.

But a dwarf is stubborn, and he never forgets his wrongs.
Fafnir goes to the mad search for that Kutqik, convinced that inside its stomach it will find that lost treasure.
According to him, bringing it back to Kurma will manage to restore his honor.
He then faces every monstrous creature he meets, regardless of the risks, armed with that cannon that served to wound his mortal enemy.
Either he will find the load, or he will die in doing it.

Nowadays, he is a precious part of Skoll's crew.

All the decades spent for his quest made him a berserk, and his original sense of duty is just an excuse for killing monsters today.
He tries to search always a bigger creature then the last one he killed, for more glory or finally for a brave death.
But the biggest creature in the world is the Abyssal God...

Faenir, Gunner of the Kraken


Concept art: Davide Rapazzini
Sculptwork: Antonio Marzii
3d printing: Abyssoul
Boxart: Fabrizio Russo
Scale: 75mm
Code: Aby06
Material: Resin
The miniature is supplied unassembled and unpainted, and needs some preparation before painting.
This is not a toy.
Wood plinth not included.