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This Rmhoalas the First Lich bust is a 3D STL file for a bust.
It is full of intricate details and can be printed at any size you want, making it perfect for any collection of miniatures or tabletop game.

With this STL file, you can bring your favorite lich to life with ease! Bring the power of Rmhoalas the First Lich to your game with this STL file.

Rmhoalas, The First Lich (Bust)

Sales Tax Included
  • Concept art: Mirko Failoni
    Sculptwork: Valerio Carbone

    This product is for personal use only.

    You will get the digital files and you can print it anytime and at the size you want.

  • Product’s description
    This STL is sold for personal use only. You can freely print big (or small) as you want.This is not a toy, it's a miniature figurine. Handle with care or he will try to 3dprint your miniatures!You can print it for your resin miniature collection, your tabletop wargames or your favourite roleplay game!

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