Skoll Martlenosk, Captain of the Kraken

Skoll Martlenosk is the captain of the Kraken, and his objective is to destroy the Abyssal God.

After losing his wife at a young age, he raised his two sons alone.

As a work, he was an hunter of monstruos creatures and was a seller of rare parts for those who can afford it, usually sold at the Black Market.

Normally it would not have been possible to fight with his normal conditions, but thanks to some strange drugs that he usually bought from obscure merchants, he managed to get some incredible skills ... even if they slowly damaged his body.

One day he decided to take his children with him, to teach the principles of hunting.

Maybe by chance, maybe not, while they were in the middle of a hunt, there was the Call.

Before closing his eyes he saw that a giant wave, that appeared from nowhere, was about to break down on them.

Skoll was a chosen one.

As in a dream, the Ancient kept staring at him and making a gurgle that seemed like a laugh.

He woke up on the bay of Nodens, after an indefinite amount of time.

Off the coast he could see the wreckage of his boat along with two floating bodies, in which he was not interested anymore.

The Abyssal God would pay with his divine life.

The seventh era of the Abyssoul had begun.



Skoll Martlenosk, Captain of the Kraken


Concept art: Andrea Tentori Montalto

Sculptwork: Oleksandr Bilibov

Boxart: Fausto Palumbo

Total height: 55mm to the eyes


Code: Aby01